Set Your Website Geographic Location

An update on our original importance of Website Geo-Location article.

Google recently released the ability for webmasters and site owners to let Google know what geographic location their site targets.

Inside of Google's Webmaster tools, users can now select what geographic location their site is for. Once you are logged in, select your site, select the tools menu, and choose "Set geographic target". Select the "Associate a geographic location with this site" option, enter your address (as detailed as you want to target) and save. Google will now modify their search results so that your sites target audience is in the geographic location you have selected.

Setting this may turn off traffic from Google from any other Geographic locations.

For help with determining if server location is a problem, your target audience, whether setting a geographic location in Webmaster tools is right for your website, or designing and implement any other solutions, contact Usable Layout


Thanks Steve!! I hadn't been

Thanks Steve!! I hadn't been in to Google Webmaster for a while and hadn't realized they added all these new features!

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